How To Get Rid of Dandruff

How To Get Rid of Dandruff

The dandruff is an ailment known medically as seborrheic dermatitis . The dandruff comes from the excessive growing of scalp cells with an increase or decrease in fatty secretions & in most cases the Sebaceous gland becomes increasingly active, & this cause excessive secretion of sebum, this is known as Seborrheic eczema “a skin condition characterized by loose, greasy or dry, white to yellowish scales, with or without associated reddened skin and It usually affect infants.”

Usually dandruff causes scalp itch, & both of them could increase with stress, the few days before period, seasons change, and the type of food.

Prevention and treatment:
There are many anti-dandruff shampoos, and most of them have good effects, but some could be cause of dry hair or increasing fats in it, some may have materials like zinc that help in softening dandruff & subsequently removing it .

Show your hair reasonably to the sun rays

Try to eat lower fats, spices, chocolates, and the very hot beverages as they stimulate fatty secretions.

Use vinegar or lightened lemon juice in rinsing hair after shampooing, this acid materials will get rid of fats; and they considered an effective dandruff treatment.

Make sure of the cleanness and sterilization of tools used at hair salons

Maintain on doing daily scalp massage with circular motion by your fingers, this will increase blood circulation in your hair which helps hair lengthening.

Also the Henna has antibiotics that is effective in eliminating dandruff. You can add to it lemon juice or spoon of vinegar.

If dandruff doesn’t disappear, you must consult a doctor , At last, this is a prescription for dandruff composed of garlic .
The best treatment for dandruff is garlic, you can apply this by mincing garlic , then put it with whit alcohol in a tightly closed bottle, leave it for ten days then filtering, use it to massage your scalp skin twice daily.


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