Hair Straightening Tips and Techniques

Hair Straightening Tips and Techniques

Hair straightening is the process of flattening and removing curls and waves from your hair. It is not something which turns the coarse hair into soft hair as it is sometimes wrongly understood by many.

Hair straightening kit:

Plastic hair brush – plastic container – hair straightening cream – wide tooth comb

How to use:

Empty the entire cream jar in the plastic container. Before applying the cream you must make sure that your hair is clean and oil free. Put some gel or cream at the hair roots and wear protection gloves.

Section your hair starting from back to front and keep away from hair roots by about 2 cm and then start applying the cream. Leave it for 10 minutes and then start brushing your hair strands using a wide tooth comb. Leave the cream for 20 more minutes and then start brushing again. However, take care that applying the cream at the back of your head causes more heat.

Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo until all the cream is removed.

Dry your hair then apply conditioner and leave for 10 minutes and brush well through your hair. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

Apply a cream treatment for 20 minutes and then rinse your hair again. You can preferably wrap your hair in a towel until it dries completely. Also, try not to wash your hair during the four following days and use cream treatments continuously to keep the moisture and luster of your hair.

Hair strengtheners are very helpful but there are some precautions to be undertaken:

- They should not be used by pregnant women especially during the early months of pregnancy.

- They should not be used by people who suffer from asthmas or skin sensitivity.

However, there are other products that are safe for hair straightening and are widely available in the market. These are usually made of herbs, especially henna.

This is how to use them:

1- Use the blow dryer to flatten your hair. Prepare the henna by adding hot water to it. Then start applying it to your hair strands from bottom to the tip. While pulling the hair strands to ensure maximum straightening. Repeat the last step until you are done with all the strands. Make sure all your hair is covered with henna and pulled well. Wrap your hair with a plastic hair bonnet and leave the henna on your hair for 6-8 hours. The bonnet prevents the henna from drying very hard and sticking to your hair.

2- Wash your hair like usual and you will notice the softening and straightening effect of the henna. But it also gives the hair a darker color that is difficult to remove. Also, you cannot use hair dyes after you’ve applied henna to your hair. So, choose whichever method that is more suitable for you and in either cases take care to nourish your hair well.



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