Long and Healthy Hair Nourishment Tips

Long and Healthy Hair Nourishment LinkTips

First of all, I will mention an important tip which is: if you want to have a long hair, do not cut your hair unless it is very broken at the ends.

The following are some tips for a long and healthy hair:

1- Take some vitamins as your hair needs zinc and biotin but don’t overdo it!

Don’t overuse hairbrushes because the more you brush your hair the more harm you are doing to it. Only use the brush to style your hair and then don’t use it on and on.

Use a healthy brush that doesn’t have sharp plastic or metal edges because this is one major reason of the hair breakage.

Use healthy hair products because cheap products contain harmful chemicals for the hair that causes the hair to dry and break.

Don’t fasten your hair tightly by using very tight rubber bands and tight hair caps as they suffocate your hair and prevent the hair growth by causing its breakage. So, try to keep your hair free to grow healthily.

Nourish your hair after cleaning it using oil baths; these elements help your hair to keep its luster and beauty.

You are also well advised to follow these eight tips to keep your hair silky and healthy:

1- A healthy hair begins with your body being healthy. The food you eat plays a major role to obtain a healthy hair. So, try to have lots of fruits and vegetables that contain natural fructose. Also, be sure to have milk products like milk and yoghurt. Coconuts are also very useful. It has been proven that it is an essential ingredient for a healthy hair. Sprinkle some of it on salads or rice to obtain the best results.

2- Avoid canned food because they are full of preservatives – that makes them not so useful for the body.

3- Add all sorts of spices to your food. They not only add a nice flavor to your food but also offer nourishment for your hair. So, try to add them to your food, especially soups or during frying vegetables. You can also add some cumin, crushed and baked black pepper to fresh milk before you drink it. Also, take the hibiscus plants which have a revitalizing effect on all bodily functions.

4- Stress: this can affect your health in a dramatic way and also your hair color. Try to manage your time well to avoid stress that is caused by time limits. Try to do some relaxing exercises like meditation. Try to go out in places with relaxing natural scenery. This helps you achieve a mental balance and better health. Always make sure that you get enough and comfortable sleep because this helps a lot in hair renewal.

5- Stay away from chemicals because they cause a lot of damage to your hair in the long run. Always try to look for natural ingredients that don’t harm your hair while cleaning it. Especially if you are doing this more than three times a week. That’s why you are well advised to use shampoos and conditioners that have natural ingredients because these help in growing your hair in a better way. Remember to read the ingredients well before buying a shampoo because some of them carry the natural label without having any natural ingredients in reality.

6- Make sure to make oil baths for your hair with massaging your scalp regularly. Having these oil bathes three times a week encourage your hair to grow, gives it strength and keeps your scalp moisturized which is an important factor for a healthy hair.

Scientist always advises you to use coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil. Put warm oil on the scalp and massage it into the scalp carefully with your fingers. You are also advised to leave it on your hair until morning if possible and if you find this difficult try to keep it as long as possible on your hair, at least for two hours. Then, use shampoo to clean your hair. Massaging your hair also helps you have a comfortable night sleep.

7- Don’t use the hairbrush when your hair is wet. Never do this no matter how much in a hurry you are! The best way to untangle your wet hair is by using a wooden comb with wide teeth and not a brush.

8- Also don’t overuse the blow dryer because this damages your hair in the long run. It causes your hair to dry and its ends to break. So, you are well advised to leave it to dry by itself and then comb it.


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